George’s Steak House is proud of the areas only Piano Bar!

Begin your evening with a relaxing cocktail and quiet classic jazz standards, then after a fantastic dinner, enjoy the highly energetic and friendly atmosphere at the piano bar.

The range of music is vast, covering everything from Sinatra to classical; country to recent hits.

Come find great drinks, talented musicians, and plenty of sarcastic humor every Friday and Saturday night; all poured over the more than 125 year old 9 foot Steinway Grand in the George's Steak House lounge.

Upcoming Schedule

Thurs, April 4 - Bill Steinert
Fri, April 5 - Bruce Koestner
Sat, April 6 - Bill Steinert

Thurs, April 11 - Bill Steinert
Fri, April 12 - Bill Steinert
Sat, April 13 - Bruce Koestner

Thurs, April 18 - Bill Steinert
Fri, April 19 -- Bruce Koestner
Sat, April 20 - Bill Steinert

Thurs, April 25 - Bill Steinert
Fri, April 26 - Bill Steinert
Sat, April 27 - Bruce Koestner

Thurs, May 2 - Bill Steinert
Fri, May 3 - Bruce Koestner
Sat, May - Bill Steinert

Thurs, May 9 - Bill Steinert
Fri, May 10 - Bill Steinert
Sat, May 11 - Bruce Koestner

Thurs, May 16 - Bill Steinert
Fri, May 17 - Bruce Koestner
Sat, May 18 - Bill Steinert


The fun begins at 7:30pm and lasts until about midnight
Thursdays - 6-9 pm